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Rogue Hoodie (Full-Zip) | Helikon-Tex

Rogue Hoodie (Full-Zip) | Helikon-Tex

This hoodie is made for people who are obbsesed with their EDC gear. The combination of multiple pockets (10) and a loose cut will assure that you look inconspicuous while carrying all your knifes, multi tools, lighters, chemsticks, firestarters, sporks, wire saws, MREs, katanas, tactical toads and what not.

When ordering, order a size smaller. All hoodies are oversized.


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Premium Black Hoodie | PT

Introducing our Premium Black Hoodie – a fusion of comfort, style, and tactical flair. Elevate your casual wardrobe with this sleek and functional hoodie, featuring the exclusive Polenar Tactical logo embroidered in black for a subtle yet powerful statement.

Price €65.49
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