We provide international shipping

Shipping is possible with Slovenian national post or DHL. Shippment rate is calculated on the overall weight of the package and shown at checkout/in cart.

We highly recommend using DHL as shipping method since it's faster and more reliable.


The expected delivery time in working days:


Slovenian national post


EU Countries:

5 – 10 days

4 days


10 – 21 days

4 days

Other countries:

10 – 30 days

4 – 7 days


Please, have in mind that expected delivery times for Slovenian national post are proposed by our Post office. Sometimes delivery takes longer, that's why we don't guarantee that the packages will be delivered in proposed timeframe - we do not control the shipping once the package is left at the post office nor do we have any additional information aside from the tracking number once shipped. 


Larger packages are trackable. However, the tracking number is not automatically generated and provided to the customer.
If you haven't received your order in the estimated delivery time, please inform us at [email protected] and we will send you the tracking number.

Orders can be tracked with https://www.trackingmore.com/ or your local post office. 


Important notice:

-      Shipping magazines outside of Slovenia is not possible.

-      Orders shipped with DHL outside of EU will be subjected to customs.