Our Company

We are a young company that formed from a group of friends enjoying the same hobby.

We take pride to the fact that we are from Slovenia, a small country in the middle of Europe, and view it as something positive that can work in our favour.

Goals that dictate our business model are simple:

  • - Top quality products
  • - Inexpensive shipping
  • - Best customer service



The Team

We're Žiga, Manca and Samo and this is our shop.

Why Outdoor?

We created this webstore in order to reach more like minded people with similar interest in outdoor and survival.

Since Mr. Google and Facebook don't like firearms and shooting, we also created this store in hopes we will be able to reach a bigger audience with our adveritising, since this is the unfortunate reality we live in.

To escape this sad reality we suggest getting lost in the woods and feeling one with the nature - just make sure you go prepared for every scenario possible.